Cricket Betting Guide for Khelraja Bookmaker

It is hard to find a more popular sport in India than cricket. It can be considered the national sporting discipline, on which a huge number of bets are placed every day. To make winning bets, a bettor should not only study Khelraja review, but also understand the rules of cricket, the varieties of cricket bets and the factors that need to be taken into account when placing bets.

Types of Cricket Betting

At Khelraja all bets can be divided into prematch and live betting. Pre-match bets are placed on games that will start in the future. Live predictions are made on matches that have already started. 

Live betting involves:

  • live video broadcasts of sporting events;
  • Cashout function, which allows you to get back a part of the bet if your prediction is unsuccessful;
  • constantly changing coefficients;
  • statistical data on competitions.

Other bets on the platform are divided into ordinals, expresses and systems. Ordinal bets contain 1 event, while expresses require the user to predict at least 2 outcomes. Systems are combinations of expresses and give a prize, the size of which directly depends on the number of correct predictions.

The platform allows betting on a wide variety of cricket leagues. For example, the user can predict the outcomes of IPL, Sheffield Shield, Regional Super50, Twenty20 Big Bash Women and other tournaments.

Markets in Khelraja Cricket Murals

In Khelraja, cricket rosters include a large number of marques. The most common bet in India is on the winner of the game. In first tier cricket, a draw is possible, hence the markets for the result of the game in Test matches provide 3 options. Draws in cricket happen about as often as in hockey.

Also in Khel raja, double odds are often bet on. This market allows you to put 2 outcomes together for a reduced odds. For example, you can bet that there will be no draw or that one of the teams will not lose.

Popular markets in India include handicaps. The user can predict by what margin a team will win. In Test matches between strong squads, a zero handicap is often bet on.

Totals are also available in Khel raja cricket listings. The bettor can predict the number of runs per game or for a certain number of overs. It is possible to bet on both total totals and individual totals.

Some of the less popular marquees include the following outcomes:

  • Cricketers’ statistics. There are many markets in popular cricket match listings regarding the statistics of the athletes. One can predict the number of runs, six-wicket hauls, the best batsman, the highest scorer in the competition.
  • Statistical performance of the game. The sporting discipline involves a lot of statistics and secondary events. For popular competitions, the rosters include the number of run outs, the way the first wicket was destroyed.
  • First innings. This market is popular in long test games, because you don’t have to wait several days to get information about the result of the first inning.

It is also possible to bet on the draw. This is a simple type of bet where the bettor must predict which line-up will attack first.

What to Consider When Betting on Cricket at Khelraja

The main thing to pay attention to is the quotes. They determine the size of potential payouts. In India, the decimal format is common – the odds show how many times the payout will exceed the amount bet. In addition, the quotes allow you to understand how likely events are to occur. The higher the odds, the lower the chance of an outcome occurring.

For example, when placing an order for 200 INR with odds of 2.5, if the bet wins, the payout will be 500 INR. The bettor’s net profit is equal to the difference between the payout and the bet, i.e. 300 INR. If cricket betting does not pay out, it is better to take a break from the sport by playing, for example, at Khelraja casino.

To increase the chances of making a winning bet in cricket, you must, first of all, take into account the outcome of the toss. In the sporting discipline, the attacking team is selected by flipping a coin. The toss seriously affects the outcome of the match. The line-up that attacks first in a test game often has an advantage. It is conditioned by the first attack with the new ball. In cricket, unlike in baseball, the ball is not replaced when it wears out. It is not replaced until after 80 overs. Also, it is easier for a batsman to execute the batting of the ball after it bounces off the flat ground. For this reason, the first-team striker has more opportunities to make an initial break away from the opposition, to intercept the initiative.

Significant factors include the site. Pitch can be covered with either regular ground or turf. The coverage can vary from season to season. However, there are certain trends. For example, in Cape Town, slow pitches are prevalent – the ball has little acceleration after it bounces off the pitch. This makes it easier for the batsman to make a strike. In certain regions, such as Perth in Australia, the ball accelerates strongly after contact with the pitch. On such pitches, the bowlers already perform well. This is something to consider when choosing outcomes.

The state in which the teams are competing must also be taken into account. In big series, the home team that wins the first game usually builds up a further advantage. Thanks to this, even the underdog can beat the favourite, which must be taken into account when predicting the winner of the match. Go to the platform, create a profile and top up your balance to start making cricket bets, play gambling games that are featured in the range of Khel raja casino. If there are any questions, get in touch with the technical support via online chat, phone call, sending an email.